Attitude of Gratitude

Has Your Gratitude Been Misplaced? 

Gratitude is a powerful weapon for navigating change, overcoming setbacks, meeting the needs of others, and standing firm against the enemy. It’s also an amazing cure for what I all the Three E ‘s: Entitlement, Expectation, and Envy. In essence, it is the very tool needed to cope when things don’t go our way. With over ten years of personal experience in maintaining gratitude for greater personal success, I know the value of developing the daily habit of thankfulness in most situations.  Let me share my experience, strength, hope, and practical tips on this subject with you.

  • Gratitude – How to Position Yourself for Promotions, Advancements, and Opportunities
  • How to Develop and Maintain Gratitude for Improved Success at Home, Work, and Play
  • Raising a Grateful Child in an Age of Entitlement
  • The Gratitude Factor: How to Reduce Stress in Just 21 Days!


Check out Living with Gratitude for more information on gratitude in general!

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Listen to this short excerpt from a recent talk I gave to a Houston MOPs group: Excerpt Attitude of Gratitude MOPS


Click the PLAY button below to watch my video about why your organization needs to hear a message on gratitude.

Learning to be thankful in all situations is God’s desire for His children, and the women in your flock can no longer wait to hear this compelling message. They are ready for – and looking for – an amazing growth opportunity and now is the time to start planning your next event and help the women in your care start living with gratitude. This 11 minute video explains the value of, and God’s plan for, gratitude in our lives and suggests teaching the women in your congregation to develop gratitude for increased personal success by hosting a gratitude event.



“I was really inspired by your (Gratitude) talk.  I am a naturally positive person and I spend a GREAT deal of my time with people who are not. Your message helped me realize that I need to increase my time around positive people in order to stay upbeat. Thank you.”  Gina L.

“It was inspirational to learn about the way God has helped you see the blessings in even the most extreme circumstances, and I am newly reminded to guard my heart against negative attitudes.” Cynthia B.

“I loved your testimony. It was gospel-centered and personal. The message was wonderful and a huge reminder to me that I need to work much harder at being thankful because I am so very blessed. ”  Sue M.

“I love the point you make about (people) not being the source of our joy. I have always gotten into trouble (from an emotional standpoint) when I have attempted to make another person the focus of my joy. ”  Cheri S.


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