Butterflies and the Poets Who Love Them

A world without butterflies is a world without natural poetry.  “30 Classic and Vintage Poems About Butterflies” blends the brilliance and whimsy of classic poetry with the magic and mystery of nature’s winged-lovelies and includes compositions from Emily Dickinson, Robert Frost, Victor Hugo, Mary Darby Robinson, and D. H. Lawrence, just to name a few.

As a guest in your program, Kristen will conduct a 60 minute reading and discussion, including:

  • A live poetry  reading  from her new book
  • A discussion of her favorite poem and its impact on other works
  • Tidbits about the featured authors
  • Poetic symbolism of butterflies
  • A discussion of her favorite butterflies

Book Reviews Excerpts:

BookCoverImage“This is the kind of treasure to pick up, when you’re feeling down, or when you just want to celebrate life.. It would be a wonderful gift, as well as a must have gift for yourself! I love it! …a must have…”

“My only negative comment is that I wish the book were longer with more butterfly poetry and more photos. A delightful read.”

“My fascination concerning the multitude of butterflies in my own backyard floral setting has been enlightened by this offering from Kristen Clark.  Anyone who loves the natural world will find this book a true delight.”

“It’s a book of poems, a field guide, a collection of biographies, and a resource for contemplative study of nature. Our connection with these artists through the fragile and ephemeral life of butterflies is  like hearing our own voice in the words of someone we’ve never met. It made me smile which, for me, makes it worth reading again and again.”

“The infinite variety of butterflies and the many efforts to describe and preserve their worlds, are nicely caught in the pages of this charming book. For some of us it may be a pleasant reminder on a winter day, but for others it may be a gift that could be an introduction to lifelong fascinations.”

“The anthology of poems is drawn from a range of American, British, and French canons of literature and are exhilarating – especially for readers who appreciate classic poetry. Many of the poems have the power and energy to transport the readers to a world of natural beauty and wonder. Readers who are fond of sonnets and the work of such literary luminaries as Emily Dickinson, D.H. Lawrence, Victor Hugo, and others will be riveted by this collection.”

“30 Classic and Vintage Poems about Butterflies is a joy, with poems by Frost, Dickinson, Hugo, and DH Lawrence, and quotes from Dante and Keats and others.  The butterfly photos alone, though, are worth the price of the book.  Great lepidopterist Vladimir Nabokov would approve!  Buy this book for a beloved relative or friend.”

“I find butterflies so extraordinary, and this author does too.  This is an awesome little book for your own coffee table, or to give as a gift. I bought several.”

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