Confidence for Greater Personal Success

Kristen Clark is an expert in building confidence and self-esteem for increasing personal success.Facing Your Inner Terrorist

Have you hijacked your deepest desires and dreams?  Many of us interfere with our own personal success by selling ourselves short and behaving in ways that are self-deprecating or self-sabotaging.  I am a self-esteem expert who knows why you may be your own worst enemy, and I LOVE to share practical tips for overcoming low-self esteem and aligning your thoughts about yourself with what God says about you in an effort to fulfill your noble purpose and enjoy greater success in all areas of your life.  And, I speak from experience!

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How do you feel about yourself most days? Do you feel confident, self-assured, empowered, and ready to tackle the world? Or do you feel less than, undeserving, ill-equipped, and insufficient? How we feel about ourselves plays a critical role in our overall success, and negative feelings can cause us to sell ourselves short and impede our ability to reach our highest potential.

Truth be told, negative feelings like these exist in the absence of self-confidence and can cause us to behave in ways that are self-deprecating or self-sabotaging.  We say things or act in ways that suggest we are anything short of capable and effective, and we develop a tendency to:

  • Quickly dismiss compliments
  • Feel like we have nothing to contribute or offer
  • Allow others to seize opportunities ahead of us
  • Worry about what others will think of us
  • Procrastinate as a result of fear of failure

These negative feelings are also often symptoms of low self-esteem and can vary from woman to woman in terms of degree. Some women have small battles with this, while others are consumed and incapacitated by this emotional state.  And yet, low-self esteem just isn’t something we talk about in public. I don’t personally hear discussions that are designed to address this subject. Do you?

Let’s talk about why this subject is so important to the women in your organization.



“… with the years of stinking thinking that I’ve got, I have to crack through icebergs… this has been a major bondage and major weakness in my life; I believed the garbage for so long… thank you so much for this program. I love the teaching.” Previous 21 Day Journey Participant

“Thank you for opening our eyes today. We get so much negativity without even trying, and we need to change our attitude about the way we look at things, including ourselves. God is doing a great work through you.” Cypress Methodist Church, Celebration Chapter

“Kristen, you are a true blessing to our family of Faith, and to our Women’s Ministry… your testimony and object lesson were excellent, heartwarming, genuine, and a true reflection of God’s grace…” Director of Children’s Ministry, Windwood Presbyterian Church



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